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25 Jun '15

Here Comes The....Wedding Guest!


Wedding Season: It is a time to eat, drink, dance and celebrate love. It is also a time to dress up and look your best. You owe it to the bride and yourself to look your best for their party. It is your time to shine too and add some glamour to their big day...plus...you never know when a Chris Hemsworth look-a-like or the cast of Magic Mike will walk through the door and ask you to dance.

I have a few tried and true wedding rules for all of the fashionable party guests. First, do not wear white….or ivory….or off-white….or something that could pass as white if you squint your eyes. For evening or black tie weddings you can’t go wrong with black, grey or navy. Mix in some statement jewelry, metallic and texture to add some interest. For daytime weddings, try playing with some bright colours (as "Wedding Crashers" taught us, it is a joyous day). In any case, it should be something beautiful and comfortable….the last thing you want is to be the frumpy guest who ruins all of the pictures because she/he is wearing a dull potato sack (once again….thanks social media! Instagram I’m looking at you!). One glitzy Jacqueline Piron tee with a ball gown skirt is always a great option because it combines comfort and unexpected glamour (see pictures below).


Second of all, please eat cake. Cakes are an expensive, delicious, celebratory treat and full of sugar to give you strength to dance all night and flirt with the guy...or guys depending if the entire "Magic Mike" cast shows up (a girl can dream, right?!).

Lastly, be prepared to party all night. Usually weddings go until the wee hours in the morning and you don’t want to be the debbie downer who leaves because her feet hurt. I have a few secrets to keep you dancing in comfort all night long.

1) take advil – 2 advil one hour before the wedding

2) bring fold flats and keep them under the table (no one will notice your shoes at 2am when you are ripping up the dance floor to "Shout".

3) apply deodorant to the bottom of your feet before you put on your shoes. This will prevent your feet from sliding and causing blisters.

And now time for some wedding cake!