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04 Jun '15

Calling All Brides!

Webster’s Dictionary defines weddings as: “the social event at which the ceremony of marriage is performed – the act of marrying”….I can also add “The most important runway of your life”. So much focus goes into the actual wedding dress that brides tend to forget about all of the outfits for the wedding events in between – engagement parties, showers, rehearsal dinners. The outfits…and bank statements…are piling up as we speak. Oi! But no need to worry and get all bridezilla – I have a plan for you. Two words: separate pieces.

These pieces are beautiful, white, sparkly, versatile and will make you feel like a beautiful bride for all of your events leading up to the big day. Bonus: you can wear these pieces throughout the year to other events. This means you’re happy, your hubby is happy…but visa is not happy.

In my upcoming posts we will be focusing on everything wedding related – ‘tis the season! So brides, wedding guests and honeymooners, grab your champagne and cake because here comes the bride…I mean blog! Da da da da!


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