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05 Apr '15


Finally, after months of warm layers, removing salt from my boots and eating carbs/sugar to stay warm (a girl has to do what a girl has to do!), winter is gone and spring has sprung! There is no better way to kick off spring than by celebrating Easter with loved ones.

In our family, we have our annual Easter egg hunt and my brother and I let our competitive sides come out (think Ross and Monica from "Friends")…but can you blame us when our parents hide Lindor bunnies?! The day ends with an amazing meal and lots of laughs. It is always a struggle to find the perfect outfit - one that allows proper range of motion for a competitive easter egg hunt, but can also be transitioned into an appropriate outfit for dinner.

I have listed my go-to designers and outfits for the Easter holiday. Caution: wear flats for the hunt and switch to heels for dinner. I can’t be responsible for broken bones or slowing you down.

(Side note: as I write this post I am eating 10 lbs of chocolate that I won….again…not that I’m competitive or anything…)

Happy Easter to everyone!


Easter Outfit Option 1:

Jacqueline Piron "Stephanie" T-Shirt       

Kaelen Jacket          

Mother "Looker" Jeans      

Manolo Blahnik Shoes


Easter Outfit Option 2:


Jacqueline Piron "Jackie"  T-Shirt    

A.L.C. Lace Skirt          

Stewart Weitzman Shoe    

Mackage Bag


Easter Outfit Option 3:

Jacqueline Piron "Bev" T-Shirt        

Ted Baker "Abaigh" Skirt            

Ela M.I.L.C.K. Clutch