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10 Dec '14

All I Want for Christmas....

Holidays: a time to give and receive (cue the mad shoppers), spend time with family (yes even your annoying uncle), watch Christmas movies on the television (Home Alone 1 and 2 are by far the clear winners), eat (just when you finished Thanksgiving leftovers, the turkey reappears!) and attend the holiday parties (to let loose or not to let loose…that is the question). But that holidays are hands down my favourite time of the year – no question! During December (and ummm November), Christmas music is on constant rotation and any idea of eating healthy is thrown out the frosted window. The most daunting part of this time of year is: finding the perfect gift and finding the perfect holiday outfit. No need to worry, my elves and I have looked high and low for the perfect pieces. Now you can concentrate on what to say to your cute co-worker at the holiday party!

Gentlemen take note: the perfect gift for the woman in your life should be glitzy, special and make her eyes pop out when she opens it up. When she says “oh don’t worry about getting me a gift this year” – don’t listen, it is simply a test. My dad learned this harsh lesson a couple of years ago….and he is still reminded of it to this day. Also, when she says “let’s get each other practical gifts” – don’t take that literally. Translated it means – “please get me something beautiful and impractical”. Again, my dad learned this when he bought my mom side-by-side burial plots. She later exchanged it for a diamond ring and a dog house for him. So stick to a gift that dazzles, sparkles and says “you are special”. For example, a Fendi Baguette Bag or Edie Parker Clutch. I also love the idea of a beautiful statement earring from Kenneth Jay Lane or a sexy bra by La Perla. But if you want to combine a gift that is both beautiful and practical a Jacqueline Piron t-shirt is a great option – you can even wear it to the holiday party!

The holiday party can be either very stressful…or very fun (it really depends on the amount of alcohol/food and the “cool” factor of your co-workers and guests). I am going to help take all the stress away…and if your co-workers are dull, I apologize in advance. For a holiday outfit, I suggest pairing a Jacqueline Piron shirt with either a beautiful blazer or festive skirt and a sexy shoe. This way you can easily transform your office outfit into a party outfit – just change the shoe or skirt. I designed my t-shirts with this transformation in mind. You will feel confident enough to make a move on that cute co-worker (cue the scene from the movie “The Holiday” or “Love Actually”), while having enough glitz to fit in and be comfortable. Listed below are my go-to holiday pieces.

Have fun and happy shopping!


     Elizabeth and James Feather Blazer                  Milly Tulle Skirt                        Tibi Silk Satin Skirt


                                      Gianvito Rossi Lace-Inset Sandals          Valentino Lace Heel