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11 Nov '14

Welcome winter! Hello Coats!

Ok. Don’t panic. Deep breaths. But I think I just saw a snow flake. Here is the good news – this means that you can officially break out your fall/winter coats and accessories! I am talking about wool, cashmere, leather, fur, faux fur, and mohair….is it me or is it getting hot in here?!

Every fall/winter season I allow myself to splurge on a coat. Even as a child, I was raised to believe that the coat was the essential investment piece (bless my mom for putting up with my in-store temper tantrums). So naturally when the magazines arrive and the glorious fashion shows commence, I have my eyes peeled for my favourites and my credit card on stand-by.

If you are new to the investment coat game (Hi – my name is Jacqueline and I am an investment coat-aholic), I am here to give you a brief lesson. In my world, coats fall into three categories: The Classic Tried and True, The Kate Middleton and The Knockout Statement

Overall, I suggest starting with a classic tried and true coat. This includes the basic black, navy or grey wool or cashmere coat in either a trench coat or pea coat style. Style tip: Burberry is king here. I have a black Burberry cashmere/wool pea coat that has been in my closet for 6 years. Every year I clean it, love it and treat it to different accessories to give it new life. This year I bought a grey/black fur collar from Pink Tartan and a pair of DVF leopard print gloves to add some zing. Once you have this level mastered, you can move onto level 2: The Kate Middleton.

The Kate Middleton level is one of my favourites…and no not just because I want to date Prince Harry (but it doesn’t hurt!). This coat is like a Jacqueline Piron t-shirt – not quite classic, but also not a statement. It is a happy medium. The key here is to focus on coats that are exquisitely tailored and play with accessories or colour. For example, choose a cashmere trench coat in a raspberry colour and add a special belt. Another option – find a coat with a classic style but defining feature like a ruffled hem or unusual collar.

The final level is where we have some fun – the knockout statement. This coat is the most difficult to find but leaves people starring at you awkwardly and finally asking “omg where did you get that coat?!” This year I made one of these purchases. Are you sitting down? Because you probably need to! It was a mint-coloured-cashmere-studded-motorcycle-masterpiece by the very talented Mikhael Kale (see blog picture). The coat made its big debut when I attended Toronto Fashion Week. I paired it with the "Mermie" Jacqueline Piron t-shirt and it was a pair made in Canadian fashion heaven. His coats make women feel like a million dollars…but he also gets bonus points for being one of the sweetest guys in the industry (#keeper).

So I have looked high and low for my stop-and-stare worthy investment coats. My top brands include: Gucci, Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Mikhael Kale, Mackage and Smythe. Happy shopping!

Welcome Winter!


The Classic Tried and True

Burberry Wool Cashmere Coat

The Kate Middleton

Mackage Valencia Magenta Coat                         Smythe Reefer Coat                                  Alexander McQueen Herringbone Coat



The Knockout Coat

J Crew Collection Coat                                         Burberry Prorsum Coat                                             Gucci Leopard Print