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23 Oct '14

Leopard Print

Someone pass me my leather jacket, pumpkin spice Starbucks latte and Starbucks pumpkin cookie because it is the most wonderful time of the year – fall!

I love fall for many reasons:

  1. I am an avid runner and the cooler weather is perfect
  2. Fall shows are back – oh how I have missed my television family!
  3. Thanksgiving – cue the turkey coma
  4. Fall fashion – and yes I am talking about leather jackets, boots that are not yet damaged by salt, sweaters and my personal fave – leopard print! Somewhere in Australia my best friend Adrienne is nodding in agreement while wearing her leopard print socks.

Like me, Adrienne is a fierce lover of everything leopard print. So much so, that I created a leopard print shirt for her with black/grey scattered Swarovski crystals. Needless to say, my animal-print-loving-Jennifer Lawrence-looking friend was very excited (like Starbucks pumpkin cookie excited…which by the way, is a lot!). But she was even more excited when I told her that I was dedicating this blog to the print.

In leopard print land, there are a few golden rules. First, keep it simple. Head-to-toe leopard print is never cute (unless of course you are Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City” because she can do no wrong), so stick to one stand-out item (i.e. a glove, shoe, scarf, pant, bag or fierce coat) and pair it with basics. For example, if you wear the bold Red Valentino leopard print coat, then pair it with a sexy leather pant and a “Patsy” Jacqueline Piron T-shirt. Secondly, invest in your leopard print. I know it can be costly, but do not worry because it will never go out of style and the pieces will last forever. Case and point….the leopard print cardigan that I am wearing in my picture is by Dolce and Gabbana and it is four years old. Honestly, I have yet to find a cheap leopard print that did not scream “bargain bin find”. Trust me….I have looked…and my fashion friends have looked….a lot.

So get your pens and notebooks ready because here are my go-to leopard print fall investment pieces.

I am off for a run in this gorgeous weather…in my Nike leopard print Frees (thank you New York Nike store!)


J Crew Loafer

Valentino Bag

Saint Laurent Tuxedo Jacket

Current Elliot Jean

Barbara Bui Pump

Diane Von Furstenberg Gloves

The Kooples Cardigan