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15 Sep '14

Jacqueline Piron Launch

So… spoiler alert… I’m a pretty fresh to the design scene (hello, Canada!). That said, as the token newby, I’m increasingly taking part in conversations about my just-launched t-shirt collection (insert moment to check out the shop now page here :) ).

Chat after chat, there’s one resounding theme - one question that always, without fail, pops up.

“What’s your inspiration?” I get asked.

Thing is, there’s not one inspiration (and I think my design pals would agree). For me, when I sit down with my sketch pad and pencils, I think about all kinds of things, like art I’ve seen, historical references I’ve learned about, a thought I’ve had in the middle of the night (which I have far too many of – like the always popular marrying George Clooney dream …thank you snooze button!). 

But I am always conscious about what inspiration impacts me when it does. And no matter what, the inspiration is rooted in one common thread – comfortable (ie. organic bamboo t-shirt!) luxury (ie. Swarovski crystals, pearls, French angora - you get the idea).

Behind the comfortable luxury of this spring/summer 2015 collection are two ideas (ahem, obsessions): Paris and Marie Antoinette. 

Now, I know that I am not the only one who is inspired by Parisian chic and the Palace of Versilles – look at Kim Kardashian and her “subtle” wedding weekend. Although, my wedding to George Clooney often looks the same way lol. Can you blame a girl?

But when I sat down to begin drawing out what my first collection would look like, I couldn’t help but picture a modern-day Marie Antoinette racing down the Hall of Mirrors in a Dior ball gown skirt and a JP tee with the finest quality lace cut outs, embellished with extravagant crystals, and detailed with luxuriously soft Japanese ribbons,  crisscrossed to look like the shimmery Paris streets at night, leading to the Eiffel Tower.

So… take that, inspiration!! And (for now) vive la France…and fashion (and George Clooney)!

Can’t wait for what glorious fantasies are to come next :)

xoxo JP